Neverkink "Never Kink" Hose

Jackson, New Jersey 0 comments
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I bought this hose under the ruse that kinking would be kept to a minimum or that it would "never kink." After only one season, this hose had more kinks than my wife's hair in the 80s.

The kinks are so bad the hose leaks at the kinks, they are deep like wounds... Not as deep as the wounds in my trust for this company's products.

Worst product I ever bought. If I could be allowed, I would whip the creator with it for his false advertising and misleading promotion.

Next time call it something else be cause it is a kinky piece of garbage and is actually already in my garbage.... Lasted about 3 months and kinked to absolute destruction in that time... I would have had less kinks using a crazy straw. Planned obsolescence at it's best....

Thanks for nothing... Neverkink my a s s

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